Designers Information

Open and Young Designers Awards are available in:
• Streetstyle – Men’s wear / Ladies’ wear
• Denim – Men’s wear / Ladies’ wear
• Colours of the Rainbow – Menswear / Ladies’ wear
• Creative Showstoppers

Judging considerations:
• Innovation and originality
• Cut and finish
• Total look
• Compatibility of fabric, fibre and design
• Fashion trend and design expressed
• Effort

The judges are passionate about wastage, if you don’t use all of your pre-worn garments in your entry then please consider using the left-over material for another garment (either as an entry or not).

All entries will be considered at a preliminary judging when the outfits will be selected for the Awards Show.

Final judging will take place at the Recreate Awards Show on Sunday 30th August.

The judges’ decision will be final; no correspondence will be entered into.

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