Designers Information

Open and Young Designers Awards are available in:
• Streetstyle – Men’s wear / Ladies’ wear
• Denim – Men’s wear / Ladies’ wear
• Colours of the Rainbow – Menswear / Ladies’ wear
• Wool – Men’s wear / Ladies’ wear
• Creative Showstoppers

Judging considerations:
• Innovation and originality
• Cut and finish
• Total look
• Compatibility of fabric, fibre and design
• Fashion trend and design expressed
• Effort

The judges are passionate about wastage, if you don’t use all of your pre-worn garments in your entry then please consider using the left-over material for another garment (either as an entry or not).

All entries will be considered at a preliminary judging when the outfits will be selected for the Awards Show.

Final judging will take place at the Recreate Awards Show on Sunday August 25th.

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